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welcome to openbeing.org


If you are already a member of OpenBeing.org, feel free to log in here.

OpenBeing.org is an on-line community intended to give those who are awake or awakening a place to share their experiences and to provide mutual support for deepening awakeness and integrating it into everyday living.

You (like many of us) may have found little to no comprehension about your awakening experience among your friends and family. You may be looking for a place to practice and commune with others who are experiencing awakeness in life. 

If you are awake or awakening, we welcome you to participate in our community. The OpenBeing community is:

    • free (no fees, no requested donations)
    • a system of peer to peer support (not teacher to student)
    • open source (content provided by members)
    • intended to evolve with the needs and interests of its members.
    • nondoctrinaire, inclusive, welcoming all practices and systems of awakening. 

We hope you will find help and encouragement in the openbeing.org community but you, and only you, are responsible for monitoring your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The ongoing process of awakening is a risky venture. Waking up fundamentally alters your relationship to yourself, to others and to your life. It can be profoundly destabilizing. If you have significant psychological issues, we recommend that you not participate in this community without enlisting professional support. If any mental or physical issues arise during your participation, please consider withdrawing or restricting yourself to activities you know are helpful (i.e. not ‘experimenting’). We also recommend getting qualified professional help. 

If you are a seeker but have not had awakening related changes yet, we know from our own experience how confusing and uncertain these early experiences can be, so we are building another site to provide unbiased, awakening-related information.  We invite you to explore these resources free of charge at clearlyokay.com  (available soon – please check back).

If you are already awake or awakening and wish to register as a member of openbeing.org, continue to the registration page.